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Gatos Musikos: A Secret Told by the Moon
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The moon tells the enchanting bedtime story of Gatos Musikos, a most remarkable cat who travels the world over on a moonbeam, playing his little violin and dancing his special twirling dance for all the sleeping creatures of the earth. No creature is too big or too small, too skinny or too round, too urban or too remote. Gatos plays for them all as they sleep while the moon gazes down from his night cushion in the sky. The marvelous places Gatos visits on his travels and the animals that inhabit them are brought to life in richly colored illustrations filled with delightful details for a child to discover. Bedtime and falling asleep become a peaceful, reassuring time, for no child will ever be forgotten by this enchanted cat, and there will always be a very special tune and a very special twirling dance awaiting in their dreams. Anne E. Moses is a painter, designer, screenwriter and passionate renovator of old houses. Born in Rochester, New York, she has lived for long periods of time in the US (Boston), the UK, Switzerland, Italy and Greece where she and her husband now live, dividing their time between their rambling, renovated neoclassical house in the center of Athens and the village of Naousa on the island of Paros. In addition to GATOS MUSIKOS - A SECRET TOLD BY THE MOON, she has completed six volumes in THE GRACIE GUIDES, a series of travel and how-to books 'paw-written' by their very clever English Cocker Spaniel, Gracie.

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