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National Renovator Party
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The National Renovator Party (Portuguese: Partido Nacional Renovador pronounced [p tiðu n siu na nuv ðo ]), or PNR, The National Renewal Party (PNR) is a Portuguese nationalist political party. Its motto is Nation and Labor and one of its objectives is the promotion of a Portuguese nationalist spirit. It believes that nationalism is putting the interests of the nation above sectarian interests. In 2009 the PNR was the first Portuguese party to be called the ",New National Right, Social and Popular.".In the legislative elections of 2005 had about 9400 votes, representing 0.2% of the voters. The municipal elections of 1 July 2007 for the Lisbon City Council received 0.8% of the vote. European parliamentary elections of 2009 the list of the PNR, headed by Humberto Nuno de Oliveira, got 13,037 votes, representing 0.4% of total expressed.

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